About the Firm

At Katers & Granitz, our nationally renowned lawyers lead the industry in whistleblower lawsuits and complex financial litigation.

Leading U.S. Whistleblower Lawyers

Our award-winning attorneys represent whistleblowers across the U.S., excelling in qui tam litigation and achieving multi-million dollar cash awards for our clients.

  • Healthcare Fraud (Medicare | Medicaid | TRICARE)
  • Anti Money Laundering (AMLA)
  • Customs Violations & Others
  • Cyber Security Failures
  • FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Financial & Banks
  • Government Contract Fraud
  • IRS Fraud
  • Qui Tam Lawsuits
  • SEC Whistleblower
  • State False Claims Act
  • Federal False Claims Act
  • Unsafe Drugs & Pharmaceutical Fraud

With years of experience practicing and winning awards under the FCA, SEC, and IRS whistleblower programs, the Katers & Granitz whistleblower success rate is unparalleled, helping clients nationally and internationally report healthcare fraud, customs fraud, defense contractor fraud, investment fraud, insurance fraud, bank fraud, corporate fraud, and other high-stakes misconduct. And, in May 2023, Katers & Granitz, LLC won a whistleblower award for a Relator of approximately $4,340,000.

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Premier Plaintiff’s Lender Liability Lawyers

Our Katers & Granitz lawyers help clients sue banks, fiduciaries, CMBS trusts, loan servicers, and other financial entities for financial fraud, misconduct, and negligent handling of funds.

  • Lender Liability
  • Workouts/ Recapitalization
  • Commercial Foreclosure Defense
  • CMBS Litigation and Defense
  • Shareholder or Partner Disputes

At Katers & Granitz, we exclusively represent victims of financial misconduct. Unlike many financial litigation firms, we never represent banks.

With decades of involvement in corporate and financial litigation, our legal experts have developed a unique, nationally acclaimed approach to holding financial giants accountable for wrongdoing.

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Katers & Granitz, LLC is recognized for our legal expertise, strategic approach, and ground-breaking case wins.

Our whistleblower clients and class action suits have recovered or uncovered hundreds of millions of dollars of fraud for victims of fraud and other financial and commercial misconduct.

SBA and VA Government Contracting Fraud - $ 335 MILLION (2020-2021)
False Claims Act Whistleblower

Medicare and Medicaid FCA Fraud – Approximately $40 Million (2023)
False Claims Act Whistleblower

SEC Whistleblower – Maximum allowable award of 30% (2022).

IRS Whistleblower – Several hundred-thousand-dollar award (2023).

Freedom Mortgage - $9.5 MILLION (2020)
Class Action on Behalf of Consumers

Az-Tech Radiology & Open M.R.I. - $1+ MILLION (2022)
False Claims Act Whistleblower


We help report fraud and hold wrongdoers accountable. Our unique legal strategy, dedication, and resources mean no individual, financial, or corporate entity is too powerful to fight justice.

With offices in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Florida, Katers & Granitz represents whistleblowers and clients across the U.S.

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