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Our Focus

Katers & Granitz, LLC is a Tier One national law firm focused on representing whistleblowers, prosecuting banks for misconduct, leading plaintiff-side antitrust cases, and a broad spectrum of commercial litigation.

Our reputation and high-profile successes have been obtained throughout the country, in various federal and state courts.

Record Cases

  • Allied Home Mortgage

    296 million
    False Claims Act Whistleblower
  • Freedom Mortgage

    9.5 million
    Class Action on Behalf of Consumers
  • Az-Tech Radiology & Open M.R.I.

    1+ million
    False Claims Act Whistleblower
  • Industries
    for the Blind

    1.9 million
    False Claims Act Whistleblower
    (High stakes litigation)

US False Claims Act | Qui Tam Lawsuits

If you have information about substantial corporate misconduct, call Katers & Granitz, LLC now at 800.669.7782 or Report Online for a confidential (anonoymous upon request), no-cost consultation.

Our Qui Tam Lawyers Help Whistleblowers Expose Corporate Misconduct and Help Whistleblowers Earn Cash Awards

The whistleblower lawyers at Katers & Granitz, LLC are among the most experienced and successful legal representatives for people wanting to report corporate misconduct, avoid job retaliation, and maximize all possible cash rewards.

The First to File a Fraud Report Might Be Entitled to A Large Cash Award Billing clerks, EMTs, Executives, Pharmacists, Consultants, Bankers & Other Insiders Have Been Awarded $8 Billion+

The U.S. False Claims Act and other whistleblower laws pay cash rewards to whistleblowers, which are called “Relators” under the False Claims Act.

Our experienced whistleblower lawyers know how to investigate and prosecute these claims, help you maximize you rewards, and help stop the wrongdoing.

It’s a very specific process and if done incorrectly, can
cut the whistleblower out of receiving a cash award.

Fired or Harassed for Reporting Your Employer’s Fraud,
Blowing the Whistle on Wrongdoing?

The U.S. False Claims Act and other whistleblower laws protect employees who report wrongdoing from “retaliation”, meaning it is illegal to fire or harass an employee for reporting fraud.

Katers & Granitz, LLC retaliation lawyers help people fired for reporting fraud, even if the report was only to their supervisor, collect damages.

If you are considering disclosing fraud or filing a whistleblower lawsuit, you need to asses the risk to your career as well as possible rewards (including double back pay or cash awards in the millions).

If you were fired for blowing the whistle or are just
considering exposing wrongdoing at your company:

Call Katers & Granitz, LLC 800.669.7782 or
Report Online for a no-cost legal evaluation.

Our Unique Process Maximizes Whistleblower Awards

False Claims Act lawsuits and other whistleblower programs are
among the most complex of all legal sectors – a misstep at any
stage can be fatal to your claim.

While any lawyer can file a claim, we hope
you will consider Katers & Granitz, LLC for
any or all of these reasons:

  • We investigate and package your claim in detail before filing

  • In-house subject matter experts know your industry from the inside

  • Former high level SEC and Dept. of Justice prosecutors on our team

  • Our reputation and results helps assure quick government interest

  • We are an aggressive national firm corporations take seriously

Speak with an experienced Katers & Granitz, LLC whistleblower lawyer to
learn your risks and potential rewards.
800.669.7782 or Report Online

Lender Liability
Claims & Misconduct

Plaintiff’s Lender Liability Firm

Our lawyers sue banks, servicers, and fiduciaries
for misconduct - Nationwide.

Banks, CMBS trusts, loan servicers, and other financial institutions have an obligation to treat their borrowers and customers justly.

Our team has a robust knowledge of the rules and regulations to hold institutions accountable for losses due to their misconduct.

Why Do Our Clients Choose Us?

  1. 1

    We exclusively work with victims of Lender misconduct.
    We will never represent a bank.

    Most financial and lender liability firms avoided suing banks, either due to a conflict of interest or losing out on potential income from working with mammoth banks.

  2. 2

    Our legal team has decades of financial litigation experience and track record of overcoming legal chicanery to help our clients receive their financial losses and damages.

    Most law firms are not equipped to handle suing banks either due to lack of experience or lack of resources (financial and manpower).

Lender liability cases, whether in state or federal court, have many statutory and practical time limits on actions you can take. Contact Our Team today for a free confidential case review.