Lender Liability Lawyers

Lender misconduct can: cause substantial damage including lost profits; impair and inhibit business performance and operations; and threaten a business’s ability to survive. Lenders must treat Borrowers fairly, abide by their contractual obligations and service loans in good faith. When Lenders, Banks, Servicers or Private Equity Funds violate their duties to the Borrowers, those Borrowers have the right to bring claims for their damages and hold the Lenders, Banks, Servicers, or Private Equity Funds responsible.

Katers & Granitz Represents Victims of Lender Negligence, Misconduct, and Fraud. We help Businesses and Business Owners who have suffered significant financial damages --$5 million plus—due to Lender misconduct. Call us now for a free, confidential consultation: 800.669.7782.

Plaintiffs' Lender Liability Firm
Suing U.S. Banks, Servicers, And Fiduciaries for Misconduct

We help Businesses and Business Owners sue Banks, Lenders, Servicers, Private Equity Funds and other financial institutions for:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Improper notice or procedure
  • Wrongful declaration of default
  • Improper mortgage foreclosure
  • Unlawful failure to honor loan commitments.
  • Improper security agreement foreclosure
  • Wrongful failure to renew loans.
  • Wrongful interference with Borrower's Activities
  • Fraud
  • Violation of the Loan Documents
  • Breach of Contract
  • Breach of Good Faith and Fair Dealing
  • Tortious Interference
  • RICO Violations

We Help Businesses Hold Banks Accountable

Unlike most lender liability law firms, we do not represent banks. Our clients range from large and mid-sized companies to individuals suffering losses of several million to over a hundred million dollars due to lender misconduct.

At Katers & Granitz, LLC our expert Lender Liability Lawyers have decades of experience in negotiation and litigation in the commercial litigation context. Call us today at 800.669.7782.

Common Types of Lender Misconduct

Our Experienced Lender Liability Attorneys represent Borrowers in claims and counterclaims against Lenders for Breach of Contract, Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Misrepresentation, Fraud, Breach of the Covenant of Good Faith and Fair Dealing, and other legal claims.

Common lender liability claims we handle include the following:

Wrongful Failure to Renew a Loan

Lenders renew demand notes and then suddenly demand onerous terms with no time to seek alternate financing, demand collateral or personal guarantees, or refuse to renew a loan.

Improper Loan Default Notices

Wrongfully creating or declaring a default to generate penalties and fees or to acquire property or extort funds from the Borrower. Acceleration demands or bad faith foreclosures. Failure to comply with notice requirements contained in the loan Documents. Failure to Provide a Right to cure. Encouraging Borrowers to default in order to speak to a “Special Servicer” who can allegedly assist them with Borrowers’ request.

Wrongful Failure to Honor Commitment

Lender misrepresentation, improper application processing, undue delays, lending discrimination, appraisal fraud, insurance issues, and breach of loan commitments.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty

Violating a fiduciary duty that may exist between the Lender and Borrower, failing to act in the Borrower's interest or protect the Borrowers’ rights, failing to provide the Borrower with the necessary or required information, or misleading or making misrepresentations to the Borrower.

Improper Foreclosure

Improperly foreclosing a mortgage or security agreement due to a negligent or intentional failure to give proper notice, provide the right to cure, or follow legal or contractual procedures. Attempting to foreclosure when a Bankruptcy stay is in place. Foreclosure resulting from improper accounting, improper application of payments or reserve amounts, improper standing, Lender misconduct, software malfunctions, escrow miscalculations, faulty interest rate adjustments, erroneous tax accounts, or failure to abide by loan modification and forbearance agreements.

Wrongful Interference

Wrongfully interfering with a Borrower's business operations, outside contractual relations, or day-to-day activities, negligently or intentionally exerting undue control over a Borrower's third-party contracts, funds, or business decisions.

Improper Acceleration

Wrongfully expediting payment provisions or improperly accelerating cross-default provision enforcement due to erroneous accounting, failure to follow procedure, Lender misconduct, or failure to abide by acceleration, notice and right to cure provisions.

Improper Enforcement of Guarantees

Guarantee impeded by improper procedure, failure to notify, misrepresentation, repudiation, unexpected changes to payment schedules or debt increases, illegal contract or onerous terms, undue influence, failure to satisfy conditions precedent to the guarantee, or civil fraud.

The Katers & Granitz Advantage

At Katers & Granitz, LLC we help level the playing field against aggressive Banks, Lenders, Special Servicers, Private Equity Funds and other Financial Institutions. Act now, stop the misconduct, and hold your Lender accountable for damages you have suffered. Contact the Katers & Granitz, LLC Lender for a private, no-obligation consultation: 800.669.7782.

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Our Katers & Granitz, LLC Attorneys help Businesses, Business Owners, stakeholders and individuals recover damages caused by Lender misconduct.

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Act Fast. Avoid Lender Traps. Recover Maximum Losses

Lender liability lawsuits involve numerous practical and statutory time limits—whether in federal or state court—so act now.

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We help Executives, Business Owners, Business and Stakeholders block Lender traps and recover financial losses and damages. We handle cases with potential actual losses of at least $5 million across all 50 United States, including California, New York, Texas, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Wisconsin, and Arizona. Call now: 800.669.7782.