Whistleblowers: False Claims | IRS | SEC

Do You Want to use Whistleblower Laws to Report Fraud, Receive a Financial Reward & Protect Your Job?

Katers & Granitz whistleblower lawyers can help. We help people report fraud and maximize whistleblower awards.

Federal and state government agencies have whistleblower laws to provide a financial incentive for citizens to report corporate or healthcare fraud costing taxpayers money, fraud that might not have otherwise been discovered.

While government “tip lines” receive reports, to qualify for a whistleblower cash reward, the process is somewhat more complex, particularly if the person reporting fraud wants their identity to be confidential and their job protected. Our lawyers, investigators, and experts are experienced with:

  • Federal False Claims Act whistleblower claims and lawsuits
  • State False Claims Act fraud reporting and reward claims
  • SEC (Securities Exchange Commission) whistleblower laws
  • IRS (Internal Revenue Service) whistleblower reports

Billions have been recovered for U.S. taxpayers due to the heroic actions of whistleblowers and those heroes have been rewarded in the hundreds of millions in cash awards for reporting:

  • Medicare and other Healthcare fraud
  • Federal and state Government Contract fraud
  • Financial, Insurance and Bank fraud
  • IRS or State Tax Fraud and SEC corporate fraud

Award amounts vary with each program but a common thread is in the 10 to 30 percent of amounts recovered as a cash reward for the whistleblower. This means for example, if you are a pharmacist and report a healthcare chain for upcoding Medicare claims over several years, the recovery can be more than $100 million and a reward could be in the $10 million to $30 million range.

Do You Have Non-Public Information that Your Employer or Another Company is Cheating the Government?

False Claims Act Whistleblowers, to claim a reward, must have inside information on fraud that is costing the taxpayers money, e.g. Medicare Fraud. To have the private information whistleblower laws require to qualify for a whistleblower reward, the person reporting the fraud is often an employee or ex-employee but it can be a contractor, an accountant, or any other person with non-public knowledge and evidence of a fraud.

For employees, the whistleblower laws have powerful anti-retaliation protection that provide for heavy penalties if an employee is fired for trying to stop fraud by reporting facts to their supervisor or making a whistleblower report.

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You must be First to Report Fraud to Qualify for and Maximize your Reward and You Must Follow the Rules

The intent behind whistleblower laws is to uncover and stop fraud by using financial incentives that motivate people to step up and report. Once the Department of Justice, IRS, SEC or appropriate agency has the information – there is nothing new to report and later whistleblowers can lose out on the cash reward.

You should move quickly to report (See Our 11 Step Guide to Whistleblowing) to maximize your chances of earning a reward but at the same time, make certain you speak with a whistleblower lawyer familiar with your industry prior to reporting – there are no “do-overs” in these claims. There is typically a lot of money involved, perhaps a risk to your job, and corporations with big budgets for law firms to defend them.

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Katers & Granitz Maximizes Whistleblower Rewards

Whistleblower lawsuits and reward claims are complex and competitive. In fact, the Department of Justice (False Claims Act lawsuits), SEC (corporate fraud claims), and the IRS (tax fraud reporting) receive as many as 1000 whistleblower reports for each one they have the resources to fully prosecute. Yours must stand out to be selected and Katers & Granitz has a proven process for maximizing your chances.

We insist that our clients’ claims be deeply investigated prior to filing, packaged meticulously, and advocated strategically. Our clients say they select us for our law enforcement background, specific industry (healthcare, pharma, finance, tax…) experts, proven track record and most important, because we care about protecting our clients and working with them stop fraud.

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